Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


Products[UP GRADE] CE-ZC series


φ18×16.5 (New), φ16×21.5 (New), φ18×21.5 (New) added to 25V and 35V.
φ10×13.5 added to 50V and 63V.

Products[UP GRADE] FVC series


25V products have increased capacitance. (Total 5 models)
φ 8×10.5 330 ⇒ 390μF
φ10×10.5 560 ⇒ 680μF
φ10×12.5 680 ⇒ 820μF
φ10×13.8 820 ⇒ 1000μF
φ10×16.5 1000 ⇒ 1200μF

ProductsNew series [FVFP]


FVFP series

Rated voltage : 16V
Category temperature range : -55℃ to +135℃
Endurance : 4,000hours

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