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(NEW) HVHY series
105℃×10,000hours, High Ripple Current

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ProductsAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors catalog updated.


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NEW series : HVHC series (105℃, High Ripple, High Cap.)
NEW series : FVF series (150℃, Long Life, High Ripple)
NEW series : FVS series (125℃, Reverse polarity proof)

ProductsNew product information


UP GRADE : HVPX series (φ6.3×6.0, φ6.3×7.7)
UP GRADE : HVTX series (φ6.3×6.0, φ6.3×7.7)

ProductsNew Product Information


UP GRADE: HVPX series (50V, 63V, 80V)
NEW        : HVPY series (125℃ Long Life, High Ripple Current)
NEW        : HVTY series (135℃ Long Life, High Ripple Current)

ProductsThe Industry-1st 150°C High Reliability HVJ Series in Hybrid Capacitors Line-up !


We are announcing new HVJ series, aluminum electrolytic capacitor with hybrid conductive polymer with 150°C high reliability, as the industry first.

ProductsNew 150°C High Reliability CE-JX Series in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Line-up !


We are announcing new CE-JX series, aluminum electrolytic capacitor with 150°C high reliability. CE-JX is upgraded from conventional 135°C CE-TH series.