Various types of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors including conductive polymer-hybrid(EP-cap).
DC-DC converters and various types of power supplies that meet customer needs.
Various types of high-density mount boards that support AV/industrial equipment.
From development/design to manufacturing/sales.


An Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors has a large capacitance per unit volume with its high-capacity area. It is also economically advantaged in the price per unit capacitance compared with other capacitors. It is characterized by the self-restoring property of the derivative (aluminum oxide film) and its tendency not to short. With different forms of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors such as a surface-mounted types and radial-lead types, we meet a wide range of user needs by adding such characteristics as low impedance, long life, high reliability and low-profile structure to each specific type.

SunCon is a brand name of the SUN Electronic Industries Corporation Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

コンデンサ部門, アルミ電解コンデンサ
Aluminum Electrolytics Capacitors


Based on a consistent built-to-order system from assembly and procurement of materials to completion of various high-density mounting boards and equipment, the MAP Division meets customer requests with quick and flexible response and by placing the highest priority on quality.

MAP部門, DC-DCコンバータ, AC-DC電源, OEMアセンブリー