Privacy Policy

SUN Electronic Industries Corporation (hereinafter “Company”) respects the privacy of everyone who uses its services (hereinafter “User”) and takes the utmost care in managing and protecting the User’s personal information.

1 Personal Information

“Personal information” designates any information that can be used individually or in combination with other information to identify a particular individual. This includes, but is not limited to, the User’s name, address, birthday, age, sex, phone number, family status, e-mail address, ID, IP address, workplace, affiliation, workplace address, workplace phone number, information about accessed pages, complaints, and information about inquiries made.

2 Purpose of Use

Company shall use the acquired User’s personal information for the following purposes.

  • To provide our service
  • To solve issues in administering our service and prevent against violation of our Terms of Service
  • To create statistical data on user behavior (however, when such data is created, it will be compiled so as not to allow for identifying particular individuals)
  • To improve our service and develop new services based on studies of user behavior
  • To confirm requests for company newsletters or other information delivered by e-mail and for contacting the User by e-mail
  • To provide information and surveys about our company and other companies/organizations that may be useful to the User based on their usage of our products, services and website
  • To be able to provide more personalized content about our services to the User

3 Restrictions on Use

Company shall only use personal information acquired from the User through use of this site to the extent necessary to achieve the above purposes, except in the following cases.

When required by law

When necessary to protect the life, person or property of an individual, and the User’s prior consent is difficult to obtain
When necessary for advancing or improving public health or the sound upbringing of children, and the User’s prior consent is difficult to obtain

When cooperation with a state institution, regional organization, or contracted party is required for the purpose of carrying out a task mandated by law and obtaining the User’s consent would interfere with the completion of said task

4 Methods for Acquiring Personal Information

Company will acquire the User’s personal information within the scope of their use of our services. Any additional personal information is acquired appropriately and fairly with the agreement of User and is at no event acquired by unfair methods.

5 Notification of Acquisition

In the event the User’s personal information is acquired through methods other than through use of this service, the intended purpose of use will be publicly announced beforehand. When there is a change to the purpose of use, this will be publicly announced via this service.

6 Management of Personal Information

Company manages the User’s personal information in an appropriate and safe manner.

7 Entrustment of Information Management

Company may entrust the management of acquired personal information to another party. In such an event, Company will monitor whether the personal information is managed appropriately and in accordance with the contract signed with the entrusted company.

8 Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

As a general rule, Company does not provide User’s personal information to third parties without their consent, except in the following cases.

When part of Company’s service is entrusted to a third party, and disclosure is necessary for the fulfillment of the entrusted service.
When the personal information is used as statistical data, and each item is collected and analyzed so as to ensure no particular individual will be identified through disclosure.

When provision or disclosure is required by law.

9 Disclosure of Personal Information

If Company is requested by the User to disclose certain personal information, this will be done accordingly. However, all or part of the information may not be disclosed in the following cases.

When disclosure may threaten the life, property or other rights of the User or a third party

When disclosure would result in a serious impediment to Company’s operation

When in violation of the law

10 Revision of Personal Information

When the User requests a revision or addition to their personal information, Company will do so after confirming the User’s identity and the accuracy of the correction.

11 Use of Cookies

Company automatically collects information about the User’s browsing history and the User’s operating environment upon use of Company’s service. This is not used to identify a particular individual, but to improve Company services and optimize the delivery of advertisements. Please read the following concerning the purpose and method of use.

To Improve Services by Understanding User Behavior

To be able to provide better services that best fit the User’s interests and needs, Company uses Google Analytics to understand and analyze user behaviour. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze the use of our service. Methods of collection and use of user information by Google is set forth in the Google Analytics service terms of use and Google’s privacy policy.

Google Analytics Terms of Use

Google Privacy Policy

You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on from the following page and changing the browser’s add-on settings.
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on

12 Disclaimer

Company shall not be liable for acquisition of personal information by a third party in the following cases:

When User provided their information to a third party through use of our service or by any other means

When User’s identity is disclosed through the input of information when using Company’s service

13 Contact Us

Company keeps personal information in a state that can only be easily known to the User concerned, except in cases where to do so would interfere with Company’s normal operations. If you would like to confirm, revise or delete your information, please contact the following representative.

This is also where complaints related to the disclosure, revision, or deletion of personal information should be made.

SUN Electric Industries Corp. Department of General Affairs and Personnel

1-1-18, Okayama-higashi, Shijonawate-City, Osaka, 575-8585, Japan

E-mail address:

14 Revisions to Privacy Policy

Company may partially or completely revise this privacy policy without advanced notice. In the event a revision is made, it will be announced on this website.